Prayer List

Please pray for our parishioners:

Mark Anders, Lynn Baham, Gerald Blanchard, Craig Borlinghaus, Mike Bunch, Nicholas D'Aquilla, Yvonne Dooley, Donald "Pete" Dronet, L. Fisher, Mildred Ganes,  Joe Goudeau, Patricia Hanley, Donna Hildebrandt, Mary Jeanne Imhoff, Chris Kearney, Dot Keesing, Durell Kraemer, Virginia Lathrop, Mary Joy Lawrence, Joan Lea, Larry Lockwood, Roy & Ellie Mandeville, Dcn. Zeke Nola, Walter Oliveaux, Jennifer Peterson, Timmy Pohlmann, Catherine Rinaudo, Francis Rinaudo, Louise Ristroph, Sharon Ristroph, Mary Nell Sanchez, Corbin Schaefer, Leonard Sullivan, Ben & Janet Sulzer, Carolyn Thornton, Mary Thornton, Corky Van Dinther, Ellwood Verrett, Charlene Vidrine, Margaret Villars, Clifford Wilcox Jr., Sydney Womack and Fr. Gerard Young.

Prayers are also requested for:

Bob Alford, Bob Baker, Msgr. Robert Berggreen, Shelly Bolfer, Mitch Bourgeois, Regina Bourgeois, Tommy Boyett, Mike Bullinger, C.J. Carr, Julia Cotten, Connie Cotten, William David, Quentin Dawson,Tom Dooley, Brett Elder, Mandy Fourrier, Mari Freeman, Elaine Fruge, Charles Griffin, Amber Guidry, George Hanna, John Wilson Hebert, J'An Langlois, A.K. (Freddie) Lockwood, Kim Dreher Lozano, Scott Mayfield, Gary McComas, J.C. McLin, Bill McMills, Jesse Means, Pat Means, Matthew Morgan, Ralph Necaise, Connie Nelson, Lawrence Pascalin, Sheryl Rabalais, Jimmy & Mary Katherine Randall, Gene Rettig, Cole Rourke, Kearn & Jeannie Roy, Marion Staebule, Charles Stewart, Mark & Rebecca Strickland, Ryan & Betsy Tilley & baby, Rhonda Tombs, Laura Trahan, Carter Van Dinther,Rickey Wilcox, Brian Winters.

Please pray for our men and women serving in the military:

Matthew Atkinson, Kevin Breaux, Shallon Breaux, Phillip Buchanan, Brian Cortell, Michael Delatte, Neal Fudge, Brian Heath, Bennett Jones, Ben Puckett, Greg St. Romain and Ruben Toney.

Prayers requested for Law enforcement officers.

We would like to add a special prayer intention for all law enforcement officers.

Family members, please email the office to add someone to the prayer list or to remove someone.



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