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Mt Carmel Catholic Church

Child Protection

Anyone age 18 years and older who wishes to be employed in or volunteer for any ministry that involves the presence of children and young people anywhere in our diocese is required to be certified under the Child Protection Guidelines of the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

The person must participate in the Safe and Sacred training program, read and acknowledge the Code of Ethics, and undergo a background check.  All of the requirements and instructions are available in our church office or online at  From the home page, please click on "Certification Requirements” on the menu to the left of the screen.  A link to the diocesan website is provided below.

A written application must be completed and submitted to the site coordinator along with a signed and dated acknowledgement form for the Code of Ethics, the certificate obtained upon completion of the Safe and Sacred training, and a signed and dated declarations form for the diocese.  Only the site coordinator for Our Lady of Mount Carmel may handle your requests, applications and documentation.  After the background check is cleared, the prospective employee or volunteer will be entered into the diocesan database and will be certified as in compliance with the guidelines.  All applications and documents become the property of the Diocese of Baton Rouge and are maintained in their original form on file in this parish.

If you are interested in becoming certified, please visit the Office of Child and Youth Protection website at the address above and contact our site coordinator Rick Beben through the church office,  or directly at 225-241-7981.

Thank you for your desire to minister to our children and youth and for your dedication to the establishment and maintenance of the safe and sacred environment at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Perpetual Help!