Parish Council Meeting Minutes


OLMC and OLPH Pastoral Council Meeting


·Call to order – Jill called the meeting to order

·Opening prayer led by Father Bani

·Agenda was approved, Craig made a motion, Tom seconded.

·Roll Call



Not Present

Fr. Bani


Jill Carter


Brady Flavin


Trudy Piper


Betsy Levasseur


Craig Borlinghaus


Tom Sanches


Keith Phillips


Phillip Crochet


·Adoption of minutes from Feb 2019 meeting, Phillip made a motion, Father Bani seconded


oVBS planning is underway.Scheduled for 6/17-6/20. Two co-chairs will recruit volunteers and make announcements at mass.

oVolunteers needed for Holy Thursday service at Mt. Carmel.Father Bani is asking confirmation candidates and sponsors to volunteer for Holy Thursday service.

oJill offered a suggestion for next year to hold Adoration of the Eucharist during lent.

oTrudy volunteered to pick up the oils at the Cathedral for the Chrism mass.

·New Business

oJill will coordinate picking a Mother’s Day bookmark or prayer card to hand out at masses during Mother’s Day weekend.250-300 needed.

·Next Meeting Date: May 22, 2019 @ 5:15 pm.

·Father’s remarks:

oHoly Week Chrism mass at Cathedral at 10:30 am.May be last day time mass offered.

oHoly Thursday mass at Mt. Carmel, washing of the feet.

oStations of the Cross downtown St. Francisville at 9 am on Good Friday.

oEaster overflow mass will be streamed into the Hall again this year.

oFirst Communion to be held 4/28/19 at 4:30 pm mass at Mt. Carmel.

oConfirmation is 4/29/19 at 10:30 mass at Mt. Carmel. Bishop Duca will be in attendance followed by a reception in the Hall. He will return in the fall of 2019 for Confirmation.

oFather Bani has been interviewing organists.Decision will be made following Holy Week services.

o5/4 and 5/5 there will be visiting priests in the parish as Father Bani will be on pilgrimage.

oHall Renovation: Final plans have been sent to the Diocesan Building Committee for review and approval.We received a few follow up questions for our architects and are awaiting the response.Process has changed at the Diocese requiring approval from the building committee before work can begin.

·Closing Prayer led by Father Bani.

·Meeting Adjourned






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