Pastoral Council

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/Perpetual Help Pastoral Council is a consultative body of the pastor composed of members of both parish communities. This committee promotes pastoral action through reflection and planning. Its job is to assist the pastor in the following areas: 1) with the mission of the local, diocesan and universal church, 2) set long range and short range pastoral goals and objectives and 3) design procedures by which the pastoral work is to be accomplished.

Members of our Pastoral Council include:

Philip Crochet (Chairman)
Trudy Piper (Secretary)
John Dupont
Brady Flavin
John Fournet
Keith Philllips
Tom Sanches
Freddie Wilcox


Buildings and Grounds Committee

This committee plans and supervises the ongoing maintenance needs of all buildings and grounds that comprise Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Finance Committee – Martin Macdiarmid (634-5898)

This committee monitors all financial business of our parish.

Members of our Finance Committee include:

Martin Macdiarmid (Chairman)
Sam LeBlanc
Gwen Sellers
Leonard Sullivan 
C. B. Owen

Cemetery Committee – Neil Sellers (635-9195)

This committee oversees the ongoing needs of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel cemetery grounds and mausoleum. It assists the Administrative Assistant in the selling of and location of burial sights.

Parish Office Help - Michelle Carter (635-3630)

Helps with any kind of office work, e. g., welcoming visitors, answering phones, relief work for office personnel.


These ministries are a witness of service that helps us live out our Baptismal commitment and service to the church. The qualifications for liturgical ministry are: A Catholic lay person who has received the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. These ministers must have a fundamental dignity or worthiness to serve within these ministries. Liturgical ministers must be instructed and be an examples of Christian life, faith and morals.

Liturgy Committee – Jill Carter (635-9573)

The role of the committee is to work together with the clergy and faithful to enhance the worship life of the parish. This ministry functions as coordinator of all liturgical ministries and plans special celebrations, which include church decorations, art and environment.

Altar Servers - Johnette Rettig (635-6147)

Being an altar server means serving God and God's people by helping the worshiping assembly to praise God. Those from the fourth grade and above are invited to consider this ministry.

Eucharist Ministers – Johnette Rettig (635-6147)

These ministers serve our community during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, by taking communion to the homebound and sick, and by taking communion to the local nursing home. Must be 18 years or older and be confirmed.

Choir – Kathi Calamari 

These ministers add to the liturgy through song and encourage participation by all.

Art and Environment Committee – sede vacante

These ministers decorate for special feast days and holidays.

Bereavement Committee – (635-3630)

We have teams of ministers that support parishioners mourning the death of a loved one by providing food for the family and their guests as they gather before and/or after a funeral, and also by offering consolation, support and hope in the days which follow.

Women's Auxiliary – Cecil Castello (635-0273)

This ministry assists in parish receptions, liturgical functions, bereavement ministry, and in monitoring votive candles for church, etc. Members meet monthly.

Knights of Columbus Council No. 7856 – Brian Patton (226-4204)

This ministry is a Catholic fraternity of men who work to promote Christian values in the community, serve and assist our parish in areas such as: parish picnic, Christmas Shopping Spree and at the discretion of the pastor.

Welcoming Committee for Newcomers –This ministry meets new registered families, provides them with information on our parish life and helps them become "at home” within our parish.
Stewardship Committee – There are three areas of stewardship within the Church: Prayer, Finance, and Ministry.
Vocations Committee – John Bossier (784-8105) This committee's purpose is to develop within the community a vocation culture in which young men and women that feel called to the priesthood and religious life will respond.
Youth Ministry – sede vacante

Adults in this ministry assist our youth minister in providing our youth religious, service and social programs to help them in their Christian development.

Social Concerns Committee -

This committee will keep before our parish our Christian call to provide for our brothers and sisters in need. It will help us in our call to provide for those in need of food, shelter, clothing, housing, etc. It will also help us in our call to provide for those in need in our diocese, i.e. the St. Vincent dePaul pharmacy, shelter and kitchen.

Prayer Line – Julie Brashier (635-3775)

This ministry consists of a group of people dedicated to praying daily for our parish and peoples who have special needs or are in a crisis situation.

School of Religion – Mary Godke (635-6916)

This ministry includes teachers, substitute teachers, aides and others who work with our Religious Education Co-coordinator to teach and pass on the faith to our young parishioners.

Adult Education Programs –

This ministry will provide opportunities for adults to continue to grow in their faith development. This ministry will consist of lectures on topics of our faith, opportunities for special days of prayer and reflection, bible study, Renew, missions, retreats and parish renewal programs.

Vacation Bible School – This ministry gives children an opportunity to come together one week in the summer and learn about Jesus and how Jesus fits into our lives. Ministers serve as teachers, aids, co-coordinators of music, arts and crafts, refreshments, etc.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) – Pam Percy

This ministry assists those preparing and/or inquiring for membership in the church.

Baptism preparation ministry – Alicia Corlew (202-7508)

Peoples in this ministry provide help in preparing parents and godparents for the baptism of their child and to meet the responsibilities of what being baptized calls us to.

Natural Family Planning – Phil and Donna Gordy (635-4881)

One of the languages the human body "speaks" is the language of love, spoken in a unique way by the sexual powers. At its core, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is really about helping couples to learn about this language by observing, recording, and interpreting the bodily signs of human fertility. This is a proven method of family planning which is approved by the Catholic Church.



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