Evangelization & Catechesis Ministries

Our evangelization & catechesis ministries focus on teaching the faith and fostering an encounter with Jesus Christ for the wider community.

Learn all about our evangelization and catechesis ministries and how you can get involved.

School of Religion

Director of Religious Ed: Mary Godke
(225) 933-0516
[email protected]

This ministry includes teachers, substitute teachers, aides and others who work with our Religious Education Co-coordinator to teach and pass on the faith to our young parishioners.


Committee Chairman: Vacant

This ministry will provide opportunities for our parishioners to continue to grow in their faith development. This ministry will consist of lectures on topics of our faith, opportunities for special days of prayer and reflection, bible study, Renew, missions, retreats and parish renewal programs.

Vacation Bible School

Committee Chairman: Vacant

This ministry gives children an opportunity to come together one week in the summer and learn about Jesus and how Jesus fits into our lives. Ministers serve as teachers, aids, co-coordinators of music, arts and crafts, refreshments, etc.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Committee Chairman: Hunter & Michelle Hardin
[email protected]

This ministry assists those preparing and/or inquiring for membership in the church.

Baptism Preparation Ministry

Committee Chairman: Alicia Corlew
(225) 202-7508
[email protected]

Peoples in this ministry provide help in preparing parents and godparents for the baptism of their child and to meet the responsibilities of what being baptized calls us to.

Natural Family Planning

Committee Chairman: Phil and Donna Gordy
(225) 324-4445
[email protected]

One of the languages the human body “speaks” is the language of love, spoken in a unique way by the sexual powers. At its core, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is really about helping couples to learn about this language by observing, recording, and interpreting the bodily signs of human fertility. This is a proven method of family planning which is approved by the Catholic Church.

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