Baptism Requirements

In order to respect your request for the baptism of your child, you are invited to follow closely the stages of preparation offered below:

  • Contact the parish office and express your desire to have your child baptized.
  • Introduce yourself to the parish priest if you do not already know him personally.
  • Open yourself to the invitation to actively join the faith community of your parish. If you are not registered parishioners, please consider becoming involved in the prayer and celebration of the Sunday Eucharistic community.

You will be asked to participate in some manner of faith formation prior to the baptism of your child.  This ordinarily takes the form of a baptismal preparation session for the parents and godparents.  If anyone has completed such a faith formation within the last three years, he/she may forgo this step provided proof of the formation is supplied to our parish from the parish where it was received.  Baptisms will not be scheduled until both parents and godparents have completed the faith formation.

It is extremely important to take your faith-life seriously because, before God, you have taken on an awesome responsibility for the salvation of another—your own child! Your commitment and openness to baptismal preparation will help develop the faith-life of your child as they mature.

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Code of Canon Law, c. 851

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 843